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Name: Stickers. Description: Sticker. Sizes: These round stickers can be imprinted with your brandName: and logo to create awareness about your brand during any promotional event. Colours: Custom.

Square Sticker

Name: Square Sticker. Description: Removable adhesive square sticker. Sizes: 7cm x 7cm. Print Area: 7cm x 7cm. Colours: Full Colour.

Rectangle Sticker

Name: Rectangle Sticker. Description: Rectangle Aadhesive button sticker. Sizes: 5cm x 8cm. Print Area: 5cm x 8cm. Colours: Four Colour Process.

Oval Sticker

Name: Oval Sticker. Description: Removable adhesive oval sticker. Sizes: 10cm x 15cm. Print Area: 10cm x 15cm. Colours: Full Colour.

Circle Sticker

Name: Circle Sticker. Description: Removable adhesive circle sticker. Sizes: 4cm D. Print Area: 4cm D. Colours: Full Colour.

Oval Sticker

Name: Oval Sticker. Description: Magnet with clip for business card. Sizes: 7cm x 8cm. Print Area: 7cm x 8cm. Colours: Full Colour.