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Action Paddle / Bat & Ball Set

Set of 2 paddles with ball in black drawstring pouch. Great product to promote healthy living campaigns. Get active at the beach, park and outdoors. Collection: Lifestyle Category: Bat & Balls Colours Available: White/Orange, White/Red, White/Green, White/Blue, White/Black Materials: Paddles - MDF, Handles - ABS. Item Size: Paddle - 330mmL x 185mmD,Bag - 370mmL x 200mmD.

Wooden bat and ball set

Wooden bat and ball set. Additional Info: Wooden beach ball game with two bats and a matching coloured ball. Product Materials: PP, MDF, TPR. Colours: blue | red | lime.

Metal badminton set

Metal badminton set. Additional Info: Metal badminton set consisting of two rackets with steel frames and plastic handles, two shuttles and a black mesh pouch with a shoulder strap. Product Materials: Plastic, Metal, Nylon, Steel. Colours: custommulticolor.

Wooden beach bat and ball set

Wooden beach bat and ball set. Additional Info: Wooden beach bat and ball set, packed in a resealable mesh sleeve. Product Materials: Nylon, PVC, PE, MDF. Colours: blue | red.

Beach Cricket Set

Name: Beach Cricket Set. Description: Beah Cricket Set. Includes 1 bat, 2 balls, wickets. Sizes: Bat Sizes:: 59 (w) x 8 (h) cm,ball Sizes:: 6 (d) cm,Shelf Sizes:: 25 (w) x 7 (h) x 44 (d) cm. Colours: YellowLight BlueGreen.

Iron badminton set

Iron badminton set. Additional Info: Iron badminton set consisting of two rackets, a yellow foam ball, a shuttle and a coloured shuttle ball. Packaged in a mesh bag. Product Materials: Wood, PVC, Iron. Colours: red | cobalt blue.

PP ball game.

PP ball game. Additional Info: Plastic, three-piece ball game. Contains one ball with suction cups and two holders to catch it with. Product Materials: PVC, PP. Colours: yellow | orange | lime.