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STRS37 Stress Clock

Features: Novelty stress clock

3D Crystal Clock award

3D Crystal - Customised 3 Dimensional designs laser engraved INSIDE beautiful optical crystal, valued for its brilliant clarity, significant weight and timeless quality. High perceived value product with considerable "Wow" factor and longevity. Represent your brand with unique, high-quality, high-class product that is a real conversation starter. Manufactured locally ensuring short leadtimes and no minimum order quantity. 3D crystal is perfect for awards, corporate gifts, paperweights, commemorative items, staff and service rewards, promotional products, desk and stationery items, trophies, merchandise and memorabilia. A specialised subsurface laser engraving system is used to etch the artwork within crystal. In simple terms, a lens is used to focus a laser beam to a point below the crystal surface. At this focus point the energy is high enough to create a tiny fracture inside the crystal glass. The energy of the out-of-focus light is not high enough to have an effect, so the surface of the crystal is not disturbed. We use state-of-the-art German laser systems to ensure the highest quality engraving. The precision control of the laser system is carefully calibrated to ensure the fractures occur at exactly the correct location. The engraved image is formed by producing hundreds of thousands of fractures. The engraved points appear white in normal ambient lighting conditions. Our experienced team of specialist designers can create 3D models of just about anything using dedicated 3D software. Using reference images supplied by the customer, they construct detailed digital 3D designs that can be viewed from all angles. Complex machinery, vehicles, architecture, anatomical and industrial designs look fantastic when engraved inside crystal. Even simple graphics, such as logos and text, can be given depth to convert them into 3D. We can even convert a 2D portrait photograph of a person or animal into 3D.

CLKB02 Wall Clock With Shiny Ring Finish

Features: Wall clock with full colour insert

Premium weather forecast station

Description: Premium weather station with clock. Features: Full colour display. Forecast weather function. Snooze alarm clock. Temp display in CF, indoor thermometer 0c-50c. Digital hygrometer 20%-95%. Maxmin memory for thermometer and hygrometer. 12 hour thermometer. Colour LED backlight. Silver gift box. Two AA batteries included. Materials: Plastic. Colours: Silver. Size: 141 x 80 x 39mm.

Wall Clock 40cm Aluminium

The large, minimalist face and brushed aluminium frame bring a style which complements the modern and traditional. Place your clients promotional logo on the large available area on the face and their corporate partners will be impressed with the gift. Normal freight charges apply to  ON SALE NOW  items &ndash Please callemail to confirm freight cost. Features: Brushed aluminiumElegant, minimalist face with large print areaTakes 1 x AA battery - included. Colours: White.

HIPS thermometer

HIPS, LCD. Product Item Size: 11.7 x 6.5 x 3.3 cm. Colours Available Supplier: silver.

Solar Desk Clock

Description: Dual function solar powered desk clock environmentally friendly with a magnetic base. Features: Includes alarm and thermometer function, Battery included. Packaging: In a foam bag and polybag presented in a plain black tuck box. Packaging Size: 75mm(h) x 110mm(w) x 55mm(d). Colour: White with Black Trim. Material: Plastic. Product Size: Clock: 73mm(h) x 93mm(w) x 150mm(d). Decoration: Pad Print. Decoration Area: Pad - On Base: 50mm(w) x 20mm(h), On Front: 55mm(w) x 17mm(h).

Sensor clock

Description: Unique colour changing clock with touch sensor. Features: Touch sensor desk clock. Unique colour changing display for each function. Perpetual calendar. Temperature. 1224hr time. Three AAA batteries included. Boxed. Materials: Stainless Steel. Size: 120 x 100 x 43mm.

Wall Clock 30cm Plastic

This wall clock is the epitome of elegant simplicity.. simple lines, clear and concise graduations make an impressive package. Wall clocks make an excellent promotional product as they are looked at habitually throughout the working day and its the simplicity of this clock that makes it the perfect canvas for a logo. Each clock is beautifully presented in a full colour retail quality gift box. Batteries included. Normal freight charges apply to  ON SALE NOW  items &ndash Please callemail to confirm freight cost. Features: Excellent logo visibilityGreat print space, print directly on to faceSingle AA battery included. Colours: Silver wWhite Face.

Orbit Pen Holder Clock

Description: Aluminium pen holder with digital display. Features: Aluminium penholder. Digital display showing. Time. Date. Week. Temperature. Alarm and snooze function. Materials: Plastic. Colours: Silver. Size: 90 x 100 x 65 mm.

Desktop weather clock

Description: Weather station LED alarm clock. Features: Weather station LED. Alarm clock displays. Time. Day of the week. Date. Temperature. Humidity. Weather trend. Materials: Plastic. Colours: Grey, Silver. Size: 74 x 143 x 38mm.

ABS clock

ABS, PVC, LCD. Product Item Size: 10.5 x 6.5 x 4.5 cm. Colours Available Supplier: orange|red|cobalt blue|light grey|light green.

Plastic wall clock

Aluminium, Plastic. Product Item Size: 0 x 4.1 x 32 cm. Colours Available Supplier: silver.

ABS pen holder with clock

ABS, Acrylic, LCD. Product Item Size: 12 x 10.5 x 5.5 cm. Colours Available Supplier: no colour.

PU desk organiser and clock

ABS, Metal, PU. Product Item Size: 15 x 13 x 7 cm. Colours Available Supplier: no colour.

ABS wall clock

ABS, Paper, ABS, HIPS. Product Item Size: 0 x 4.5 x 28 cm. Colours Available Supplier: silver.

Wall Clock 30cm Aluminium

When they look for the time.. its your clients logo they will see.. on this modern wall clock, with brushed aluminium frame and smooth, sweep-motion second hand. During the print process, the glass cover is removed and the print is applied directly to the clock face, producing a very professional result. Each clock is beautifully presented in a full colour retail quality gift box. Batteries included. Normal freight charges apply to  ON SALE NOW  items &ndash Please callemail to confirm freight cost. Features: Excellent logo visibilityGreat print space, print directly on to faceSweep motionSingle AA battery included. Colours: Silver wWhite Face.

HIPS alarm clock

HIPS. Product Item Size: 7.8 x 7.8 x 7.8 cm. Colours Available Supplier: white.

Mini iLo Hub

The iLo hub combines style and function to make the perfect gift for anyone at work, at home or when travelling. Compatible with both USB & USB-C connectors, supporting up to 4 devices simultaneously and features a stylish LED branding area with upto 5 different illuminated colours. Product Features: USB | USB-C | Type-C | 4 devices simultaneously | LED branding | 5 LED colours. Product Item Size: 51 x 48mm.

Pyramid world clockruler

Description: Multifunction ruler with world time clock and calculator. Features: Multifunction world time clock. Alarm. Clock. Date. Calender. Easy to use keys. 23cm and9" dualruler. Aluminium construction. . Materials: Aluminium. Size: 240 x 65 x 25mm.

Hydro Water Power Clock Vase

Water Powered Clock with date & time display

Kiev Desk Clock

Matt nickel finish

Bern Desk Clock

Glass framed

Oslo Desk Clock

Combination metal and woodgrain finish

Tokyo Digital Desk Clock with Holder Com


Athens Clock Card Holder


Ebony Clock


LED Alarm Clock

Smart USB LED alarm clock, sound activated, clap your hands to turn on the display.

Executive weather station

Description: Slim line aluminium multifunction desktop weather station. Features: Slim line desktop multifunction weather station. Desk top size. Calendar. Alarm clock. 1224hr time display. Temperature. Digital hygrometer and 12hr thermometer trend. Includes AAA batteries. Boxed. Materials: Aluminium. Size: 130 x 130 x 20mm.

10" Round Wall Clock - Aluminium case

10"/250mm round brushed aluminium cased wall clock that includes process 4 colour printing to your design. Includes battery and boxing